Blake Fgng iPhone correction

Here I am. Blake. I’m lost. My troubles started long before I had a hand in them. I’m a tribute to the not so distant past. Before the Soc Police. A time when what you said had consequences.

My mother was a professional blogger. My father a government Sys admin. He worked in the Obit department downtown in Cherry street. My mom, up in Snohomish above an snyuwue store. No, sorry, that’s not what I meant. I meant an antique store.

You see you now know a little bit about me. My ailment. My parents meant well and tried to protect me but it was fated for me, in this life, to be left in the Hall of the Mountain King. To be alone. A pariah.

I first started to get hints of my Tourette’s like dypmyyons … sorry, symptoms early in life. In a GE womb Early. My moms pregnancy seemed to start normal enough. Blood test with embryonic genetic DNA sequence all normal.

My mother was around Antiques all the time. It was her passion. Soon that’s all she did. She got herself one of those old fashion iPhones and started to blog. It went straight from her phone to her blog.

I was part of the journey. Her hormones my DNA and electrolytes smashing together in the womb of her blogging. Stained glass and arteries and placenta and primrose. I became a part of her phone and her passion and Daddy uploaded my name INC I the birth registry.

I combined into a cock phony of both blogg I s paradise and mistyping. My birth was celebrated but it was not fir my b authy. It was fir what I was. Half human half typefaces black ghee into existence.

Now you know my horror humiliated action. This is why I’m in the hut. Why I’m Grendal. I’m swhy I stand alone on the street. Dogs do not come to me. I am Blake Fgng iPhone correction.



Haasies Are Entrepreneurs’ Choice @ VCIC

Entrepreneurship @ Berkeley

Congrats to the VCIC Dream Team for winning Entrepreneurs’ Choice @ Regionals this weekend!  One of the Entrepreneurs in question was LAUNCH 2015 team Aeris (formerly known as Knox Therapeutics).

Big thanks to Terry Kelly & Dorsey & Whitney LLP for their longtime, generous sponsorship of BEA & VCIC…we couldn’t do this without you.

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Unstick thyself

So, I’m doing the writing ESD (Every Single Day) thing and today’s assignment is on what you know.   This is not a how to assignment on or an 87 page paper but just a small article explaining how to do something.   This is my second assignment but I’m stuck on this one. This is not a picture of me, below, by the way.

Unstick yourself
Sometimes you get creatively stuck, here’s my method to unstick yourself

So, I have developed techniques that I use to unstick myself that I’ve successfully used in the past.  In my old creative days (writing, acting and directing)  I would use these techniques.  I know HOW to unstick myself or someone else but I’ve never EXPLAINED this method broken down in steps or as a system to unstick myself to someone else.

Number 1: Basic.  Tell thyself, “I’m stuck.”

My first step is to recognize, I’m stuck.  I am so basic, I have to say the words, “I’m  stuck.”  Sometimes, “Shit, I’m stuck.”  Sometimes, “Whoops, I’m stuck.”, “OK, I’m stuck.” or “Hmm.  I’m stuck.”  This is important first step for me because it keeps me out of the realm of any other emotion.  I do not say, “Shit, I suck” or “Whoops, I suck” Or, “OK, I suck or “Hmm, I suck.”    I am just stuck.   I am not a bad person, I’m not a bad writer, I’m not stupid, I’m not a dickface.  Saying I’m stuck calls the problem as it is.  I simply stuck and do not know what to do next.

Number 2: Eliminate room in your head

So this is a two step process.  I have to calm myself down.  Sometimes, if I do go down the dark place and start saying bad stuff to myself.  I have to eliminate room for negative thoughts.  I’m not 100% excellent at this but if I say those things, I have to force myself to stop and say these words. “It’s ok.  I can solve this.” or “It’s ok, this can be solved.” or “It’s ok, this will be solved.” or “It’s ok, this is solved.”  This forces the concious mind to not go negative and forces the sub-conscious mind to start in.  If I”m tired, I skip to Number 4 but if I’m energized and up to solving it, I go to the next step and divorce myself from the issue and try a number of very basic creative techniques to solve things

Number 3: Try exercises to solve it.

There are a number of very basic creative visualizations and techniques that you can use to kick start your brain into problem solving.

3.1 Just start.  This step worked for this article.  I just started writing and didn’t judge myself about what came out of my page.  This works 9 times out of 10 for me.  So, if you are painting or drawing or composing or acting, just start and don’t edit what comes out of you.  YO may produce crap and trow away 90% of what you produce but you may get a hint of something that’s wonderful

3.2: Change what you know.  This step comes from the Author, Edward De Bono’s, Lateral Thinking.  Edward De Bono has a classic book on the step by step process of creativity.  He calls them the 6 thinking hats.   One technique, is to change what you know.  Think opposites.   This may mean make it bigger, make it smaller, make it lighter, make it darker, make it quiet, make it loud, make it fat, make it skinny.  Change what you know.

3.3: Use what you know.  Once you get started, you may get reminded of others that have influenced you.  Go back to your journals.  You remember those, right?  Maybe it was a saying that your Dad always said.  Maybe it’s a family picnic.  Maybe it’s the image of a glass of white wine by the water.  Maybe it’s something a teacher wore or said or had.  One of my teachers wore a light blue polo shirt that accentuated his figure.  He had an enormous belly from the side but from the front and back he was totally skinny.   I haven’t been able to use this image directly until just right now but here I am writing a how to article and it works.

Number 4: Give it up.

Next, I give it up.  Giving it up, I can give it up to the Universe or my sub-concious or to God. I may try to continue to creatively solve.  If I do that, I have a number of techniques,  say in a prayer, in order to elminate room in my head for that bad voice, I have to tell myself these word that either I or my subsconsious, or God or The Universe can solve this.   I say it out loud”I”m stuck, but I can solve this.”  I say this over and over in my head.  Sometimes out loud.  Sometimes as a prayer before bed. Sometimes, I give up the problem to God, sometimes I give it up to my sub-conscious.

These are just some of the techniques that I use to get unstuck.  They do work for me in my writing at my business, my songwriting and my creative writing.   I just used these techniques to generate this article.

Copyright, 2017, Mike Robinson, all rights reserved.

Neighborhood Watch

They had my picture.  How?  Did I mess up somewhere?  Did they see me sneaking around?

I pride myself on my ability to blend in and to not be noticed and yet, here I was, plain to see for all around.

It’s not like I wanted to get into a life of crime.  I just have sophisticated tastes.  I have needs.  I’m not your common thief.  I have had a career in animation as an actor.

Back in the 70’s, I was your go to for characters that needed to be ominous but dainty.  I had a lot of ballet training and so I was light on my feet.  I was able to tip-toe very well due to all the pointe work I took at LA Ballet Academy.  I often filled in as “the Shadow that keeps tip-toeing” after the main character stopped.  You may have seen my work.

But it’s hard work hustling animation jobs on the side.  When they went to computer graphics, my style was considered old-fashioned.  I would get the occasional shadow work and sometimes some work in the beginnig credits but nothing ever substantial.

I started digging deeper into my savings.  I started getting more and more typecast as a villain.  Still it wasn’t enough to have the odd roles here and there.  I had to get more work.

I studied thieves and mastered sneaking.  It was an easy transition to sneak into homes for real.  So, I started tip-toeing into my neighbors homes and started to help myself. I told myself that this was scene work. I told myself that it was ok because I wasn’t stealing from poor people.  I made a lot of excuses for my actions.  And I never got caught.

Eventually, I began to believe the role that I gave myself.  Relish in it even.  I was a thief.  A master sneaker.  I got myself a hat and some reflective contact lenses and I embraced the part.

Now, I’m a real criminal.  It was easy to become one when I just let myself go.  I even went so far as to get a black coat as well.  It all made sense.  I should be glad they put my picture on the sign.  In fact, yes, I am glad I’m on that sign.  I’m glad they have my picture.  I’m back where I need to be.  In the public eye.

Copyright, 2017, Mike Robinson, all rights reserved.